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Certificate of Origin


The San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce offers online Certificates of Origin through an affiliation with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce. A Certificate of Origin is an international trade document attesting that goods in an export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed in a particular country. Completing your Certificate of Origin online through the San Juan Capistrano Chamber helps eliminate the likelihood of errors and reduces the cost. Also, key information is stored, allowing for repeat certificates to be created without the need for repetitive form filling.

Exporters and freight forwarders must register to access the Certificate of Origin program through a dedicated San Juan Capistrano Chamber Web portal. Once the registration form is received, login credentials will be provided by the San Juan Capistrano Chamber. Documents will bear the seal of AWTCC, which is registered with customs authorities worldwide.

New users: Print the registration form to request San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce login credentials.

Registered users: Log in and begin the Certificate of Origin process.

Online document pricing: San Juan Capistrano Chamber members: $25 per document; Future members: $50 per document

Learn more about the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Origin program.

For information, contact:
(949) 493-4700

Become a member now and save $25 per document processed!

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